Everyone hopes the upcoming midterm elections on November 6, 2018, will yield the elevated voter turnout. However, it’s a fact that many young people don’t want to show up at the polling stations. Many of them simply believe voting doesn’t matter. However, the truth is that the United States needs more young voters and they need them soon.

If you aren’t sure why you need to vote or why your vote is important, we encourage you to continue reading. Find out why a single vote can make all the difference in this year’s elections.

Reproductive health and the importance of bodily autonomy

Every person wants their beliefs to be respected regarding their decisions over their own body. There’s not a single person who would rather have someone else dictate their personal decisions for them. We stand by it and we hope you do, too: every human is entitled to govern their body on their own.

Think about this: obtaining birth control should be a part of your health plan, no matter who your insurance provider is, right? By voting, you sway the vote in favor of a politician that agrees, too. In the instance that one will need abortion care, it should be economical and available to everyone and provided without the interference of politicians. Lawmakers have power – help put that power in the hands of someone who will improve the country for all.

Affordable health insurance

If you’re not offered health insurance by your employer, or you’re an independent contractor and a part of the gig economy where the insurance isn’t available, or you’re a young American who is over 26 of age and can no longer be on your parents’ insurance plan – you’ll definitely need politicians who will keep affordable health care available to you.

If you need a health plan, visit Health Care Gov and find a suitable plan for your needs.

A higher minimum wage

If you’re someone who constantly asks: “Does voting matter?” – the answer is yes; voting does matter. You can vote for politicians who will support raising minimum wages. The minimum wage is set by the US labor law as well as different state and local laws. Some of the US states began 2018 with higher wages and to continue the increase, people have to vote. Why? Because every vote can make all of the difference.

Higher education needs to be affordable

Everyday life is far more expensive than it used to be before. College tuition fees have risen dramatically. In 1987-1988 school year, tuition fee for a public four-year college was $3,190 and in the 2017-2018 school year, the tuition fee is $9,970. If we add other expenses to the average tuition fees, one college student can expect to pay $20,000 on a yearly basis. That is 213% more than in 1988.

Every American citizen needs to cast their ballot at this year’s midterms to choose politicians who will make higher education affordable.

Paid leave

If you’re planning a family, having a baby or even adopting a child, you would expect to have a paid leave. The United States is just one of the few countries that don’t require employers to provide paid time off for new parents.

Also, if a family member gets ill, you will absolutely need to have days off. However, this isn’t enacted nationally. Only a few states, cities, counties, and Washington, DC enacted this practice.

LGBTQ rights

LGBTQ individuals are entitled to live their life openly without discrimination and have as equal rights as the rest of the population. There have been years of struggle to see a federal law barring discrimination against the LGBTQ community. It’s vital that every person, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, lives a life that is fairly treated under the law.

Common sense gun policy

This has been a huge problem in the United States. The number of mass shootings in 2018 continues to climb. Gun Violence Archive specifies that a total of 272 mass shooting incidents have occurred as of October 3. Each year, many people are treated in hospital emergency departments for non-fatal gunshot wounds. It’s important to have common sense gun policy and background checks for everyone who owns a gun.

A criminal justice system that is actually focused on justice

Police brutality needs to end and it needs to end now. People’s national origin, race or religion shouldn’t matter and the lives of people of color should matter in everyone’s eyes. The United States needs a criminal justice system that deals with racial disparities and mass incarceration. According to Ken Lucianin, we need politicians that will make the system focus on restorative justice and rehabilitation.

The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the United States, being the highest court in the federal judiciary of the United States, is expected to protect one’s constitutional rights. The Americans need justices that will ensure voting rights, secure religious liberty and put people above corporations.

Planet Earth’s health

We need our planet to be healthy for the generations to come. Thus, we need the politicians that will make it happen. Our government should be able to help us, not make mistakes by denying all the severe environmental problems we’re currently facing.

Your Vote Matters!

It’s vital that every eligible voter shows up at the polling stations on November 6th, 2018. Don’t support the opinion that voting is useless. Voter turnout matters because voting is your basic democratic right. You have to make sure you use that right to earn yourself the “I voted” sticker this year.

This is the time when every one of you eligible voters need to stand up and have their vote count. If you don’t vote, your vote will be wasted and you’ll lose the opportunity to steer the nation’s future in a more positive direction. Ken Lucianin advises you to encourage your friends and family to vote and to make their voices heard, too.

On an ending note, you amplify your own voice by voting and send a powerful message to the entire political system. Be heard.

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