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When Ken Lucianin is not doing business, he tries to spend as much time as he can outside with his family. Frank Lloyd Wright once said: “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” This is something that has led Ken Lucianin through his entire life. One of the many ways to stay close to nature and enjoy every bit of it is to fish.

Ken Lucianin’s grandfather and father thought him how to fish and when he became a father, there was no doubt that he’ll also teach his kids how to fish and use every precious moment to connect with nature.

Get connected with nature (not to Wi-Fi)

A great way to take your kids outside and away from TV, computer and even mobile phones is to take them fishing. We are aware of how many kids are addicted to “being connected” almost 24/7 and we are starting to see all the negative aspects of it too.

So now, picture your kid with a fishing rod in his hands, surrounded by nature and fresh air and having the experience of a fish hitting the line- find me some technology that will beat this!

Love of nature and conservation

While teaching your kids how to fish and be good at it you’re actually teaching them to love nature and to protect it. You are making them grow into young adults that will actually admire and respect the outdoors. Those kids will be the ones who will be the protectors of our environment.

Patience is a virtue

Have you noticed that most of the kids nowadays think that they should get everything they want, when they want?

Of course you have. Well, is there any better way than fishing to teach you kids that patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who can wait.

Bring your entire family together

Don’t just take your kids with you when you go fishing. Take your entire family. Fishing is so much fun that anyone can enjoy it, no matter how old they are. Trust Ken when he says that nothing brings family together more than a great fishing day and enjoying the nature.

Confidence and empowerment

Also, trust Ken when he says he remembers reeling in his first catch like it was yesterday. Not only does fishing create lasting memories but it also encourages positive feelings such as confidence and empowerment. Each time your kid learns a new fishing skill; he or she feels accomplished and gains more confidence.


You know that fishing can be full of surprises, the water is always changing and one often needs to be innovative when trying to catch a fish. Tell your kids to start seeing water as a puzzle or a game and just see how they become more and more interested in fishing.

Now, go, call your kids, get your fishing gear and enjoy nature and quality time spent with your family.

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