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If you’ve read Ken Lucianin’s blog about fishing then you know he’s been a fisherman since his early 20s.  It’s a way of life for him, so Ken Lucianin visited a lot of places where he perfected his fishing methods. Also, as you can see, traveling can be added to his list of interests.

There’s one fishing adventure that Ken Lucianin will never forget. Yes, it’s New Zealand-beautiful in so many ways. In this blog, you can discover a few pieces of information you should really know before deciding to go fishing in New Zealand.

There’s a Maori legend of Māui saying that New Zealand was fished out of the sea. If you take a look at New Zealand’s map, you may be able to see the fish’s head in the south and its tail in the north. So, no wonder its fishing scene has been recognized as great since its discovery.

It is an absolutely exciting and interesting experience for everyone; whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, no doubt you’ll enjoy everything New Zealand has to offer. According to Ken- it has a lot: beautiful nature, inland rivers, fish-filled oceans, lakes etc.

Rules and regulations

If you decided to head off on a fishing trip you should be aware that there are fishing laws you need to obey in New Zealand.

If you’re going fresh water fishing, you must purchase a fishing license. You can choose to buy a license for one day or for the whole season. It’s possible to purchase it online or in local fishing stores.

For saltwater fishing, no license is required but there are rules and regulations everyone needs to follow. If you don’t comply, you could face prosecution, paying fines or property confiscation. You don’t want that to happen, so keep in mind the following rules: the daily bag limits (how many fish you can keep), legal size limits (the size of the fish you can keep), species restrictions (the type of fish you can keep), and closed and restricted areas (locations where you can legally fish). The rules may differ from area to area and may get changed, so make sure you check them prior to your fishing trip.

Sustainable fishing methods

It is recommended to practice sustainable fishing methods. The things you can do is to try to use wet hands or wet gloves when you handle fish; if you keep catching undersized fish, try changing your location or using a larger hook; slide fish back into the water as close to the surface as possible and try to do it as near where you caught it as possible.

Where to go?

It is hard to make up your mind when it comes to all the great fishing places in New Zealand. But, let’s just name some you should try out: Bay of Islands, Dunedin, Marlborough Sounds, Gisborne, Stewart Island, Rotorua, Haast River, Lake Taupo, Motueka River and many, many more.

If it’s ever, for just a second, crossed your mind that you would like to visit New Zealand, make it happen! That’s going to be one of your favorite adventures in life.

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