As discussed in Ken Lucianin’s previous blog post, there are a number of problems our planet is facing these days and who is responsible for that? Of course, the answer is simple- it’s us, the people living on planet Earth. Planet Earth is our home and we seem to be losing it.

However, Ken Lucianin believes that there are many simple things everyone can do to help protect the environment we live in. Some of those things may seem irrelevant to you, but they are more than relevant to our nature. Here are just some of the simple choices Ken Lucianin made to help save our planet and hopefully everyone follows his example, because the change starts with you!

If all of us planted at least one tree… Learn about your native trees and shrubs that will probably thrive on your property and plant at least one. This is the way to combat climate change and we all know that trees provide food and oxygen and help save energy.

After planting that tree, try to consider driving your car less. Think about alternative solutions because vehicles, primarily automobiles cause a great deal of air pollution. Consider moving closer to your work place, walk more, use your bike, take the bus or train and if you really, really need to use the carpool, it’s fun!

You’ve heard about the three ‘Rs’- reduce, reuse, recycle, right? The advice here is to buy used; it is often as good as new and less expensive. Always try to buy reusable items, not the disposable ones. If something is broken, don’t throw it away immediately, have it repaired. Reducing and reusing items saves you money, prevents pollution, reduces the amount of waste and helps sustain environment for our children and grandchildren. Recycling is there also to reduce the amount of waste send to landfills and incinerators; it helps conserve natural resources and prevents pollution.

Fluorescent light bulb that Ken Lucianin uses

Ken Lucianin uses compact fluorescent light bulbs because they use less energy than the regular light bulbs

Are you using the standard light bulbs in your home? If yes, consider changing them and use compact fluorescent light bulbs because they are said to use at least two-thirds less energy than the standard ones and reduce greenhouse gas emission. And when you’re leaving the house or when you’re not in the room- turn off the lights.

Use less water! There is no need to have long showers or to leave the tap running while you’re brushing your teeth. Also, don’t wash your clothes until you have a full load and your dishwasher should be full before you turn it on. For cleaning and irrigation purposes you should catch your rainwater.

You see, all these are easy to do and we should all start paying more attention to our environment. When we do things that benefit nature, we do things that benefit us! Make sure you tell others in your family and community about all the threats our planet is facing now because we’re being irresponsible and think the risks are negligible.

You may want to check the organizations whose mission is to help preserve our nature, join them and try to make a change because everyone counts!

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