When Ken Lucianin started fishing with his father, he wanted to try everything; all the techniques and visit all the fishing spots that were available to him. His dad encouraged him to do so. He said that he will eventually find a place and the technique that he enjoys the most. Ken enjoyed those times with his family and he loved all their fishing adventures.

He says that he made a lot of mistakes while fishing but that’s the way you learn. He has made his fair share of mistakes that at one time or another have kept him from reaching his full catching potential when he was trying out shallow water fishing.

Here are some of them that may make a big difference when you target bass in the shallow water:

Be silent

You know how hunters use the element of surprise on their prey!? They consider it to be one of the most important elements, if not the most important, for success. There are many fishermen that don’t think about this and they underestimate the element of surprise. However, Ken points out that this is actually extremely important when you go shallow water fishing because you are much closer to your prey.

As a fisherman, you don’t want to do things that will give out your presence and potentially scare the fish around you. You shouldn’t make too much noise in your boat. Keep in mind not to slam locker lids or step around the deck loudly or use sonar if there’s no need for it. Also, be careful not to drop anything on the deck.


A long time ago, Ken Lucianin learned that your shadow is something that will give away your presence. Your shadow should never be cast over your target fish. He always keeps in mind that he should keep the sun in front of him and he avoids letting his shadow fall over cover he hasn’t fished yet.


One of the keys to fishing shallow cover is to constantly be looking forward of the boat and planning your boat positioning strategy at all times. It is essential that you identify the most productive cover in the area and don’t approach it too fast. It can often be seen that fishermen fish fairly fast through shallow targets; their boat is moving too fast and they need to turn the trolling motor around and backwash the cover to slow the boat’s momentum. After such a blunder, it is almost impossible to catch the fish.

Be persistent

It is perfectly all right to make mistakes when you start fishing. Everyone makes them and don’t let them discourage you. The fails you go through as a fisherman are there just to make you a better in what you do. Share your mistakes with other fishermen because there is always someone who will give you valuable pieces of advice.

If you would like to read more about fishing and nature, feel free to visit Kenneth Lucianin’s blog.

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