Most of us are aware of different risks our planet Earth is dealing with nowadays. Ken Lucianin is too. Every bad thing happening in our environment affects our planet and our lives as well.

Although there are many irresponsible individuals, as Ken pointed out in his previous blog posts, there are also the ones that are doing everything in their power to protect and conserve our nature and its resources. He was extremely happy when he heard that the United Nations moved forwards with high seas treaty negotiations.

The UN adopted the resolution

24 December 2017 was a very important day for our planet. The United Nations’ General Assembly adopted the resolution to negotiate a treaty that will protect the marine environments of the high seas. These international waters cover a large part of the planet and are not under jurisdiction of any country; meaning, no state controls these areas. The Assembly decided that the conference will meet for four sessions and the first one should be held soon, on 4 September 2018. Each session will last for ten working days. The negotiations are expected to last until the first half of 2020.

High seas

High seas are, obviously, extremely important for us and many valuable fish and plankton can be found there; the high seas absorb carbon and they help regulate the global climate.  However, there are certain activities that could damage or even completely destroy sensitive habitats and the species living there. Some of those activities are deep-water fishing, seabed mining, overfishing, plastic pollution etc. and they can only get worse if no actions are undertaken.

Ken thinks that since they are not under control of any country, they are very vulnerable and the resolution should be there to protect this valuable part of our planet.

Conservation groups are all there to support the treaty. “The science is clear on the role oceans play in ensuring the current and future livability of the planet. If we want our oceans to continue to provide food, absorb carbon, and regulate climate for the planet, protecting the biodiversity of the high seas is critical,” said Aulani Wilhelm, SVP, Center for Oceans at Conservation International.

No one is expecting the negotiations to be easy because some countries were hesitant to sign the resolution, some want fishing to be excluded from the negotiations etc. But, focusing on the question of the high seas is positive and gives everyone hope.

Everyone counts

Ken Lucianin believes that the negotiations will be useful and that by 2020 we will have a treaty that will protect this part of our planet. It is sometimes hard to explain the importance of the so called high seas to some people and that is why all of you are invited to try to raise awareness wherever you can about the value of these regions. Start with your family, your kids, your community. It is vital that we talk about it, write about it and include as many people as possible. Remember, everyone counts and this planet is everyone’s, so let’s keep it safe and clean!

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