Going on a fishing trip can sometimes be hard if you haven’t planned and thought about everything in advance. Going on a fishing trip, especially with your family, friends and kids can be a great bonding experience. Ken is sure you’ll have a great time and become even closer.

After your great fishing trip, you’ll definitely have a story to tell. However, a bad fishing trip can be as memorable. There are certain things we can’t predict for sure, such as weather, but if you plan everything, bad weather shouldn’t be a problem. If you ever ask yourself whether you really need to make a plan before the trip, you should know the answer will always be- YES!


First of all, pick a fishing spot. This is the most important step according to Ken. If you choose a location you’ve never been to before, make sure you research everything about it. You don’t want any surprises there. Ask around about accommodation, camping, roads etc. It really is extremely important to know where you’re going and what to expect because every other aspect of your planning depends on those pieces of information.

Fishing license

After choosing your destination, make sure you also research the fishing laws of the state and see what kind of license you need and where to get it. Most states issue licenses through the website so it should be easy to get one. Kenneth Lucianin has always been a responsible fisherman and you should too. Don’t fish without a license because paying a fine will definitely ruin your trip.


You should try and find fishing reports to see what kind of fish gets caught at your destination. You should know this so you don’t bring the wrong baits.

Fishing gear

Now that you know what to target once you’re at your location, be sure to bring the right gear: your rods, reels and as mentioned above, your baits. If you’re a beginner, read a few tips about essential fishing gear here.

Also, think about renting a boat if you need it at your location.


If you’ve decided to camp at your desired location, then you should set up a proper campsite. Make sure you have plenty of space, and obviously, you need a good tent and table, a place to leave your food properly locked up in something tight so that wild animals don’t snoop around. And also, bring something such as cards just to have fun when you’re not out on the water.


Leave all your worries and problems at home and go, have fun. There’s no better way to relax than being out in the nature, doing things you love- fishing being one of them. It’s not that hard to plan your perfect fishing trip even if it’s your first time. Ken gave you a few tips here; just follow them and there’s nothing to worry about. Just remember, be safe and be responsible towards our nature.

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