Ken Lucianin is  one of those who are thinking about ecology and environmental conditions and issues nowadays. There seems to be more and more people who are becoming concerned about these issues, but Ken Lucianin asks: “Why isn’t everyone being responsible towards nature; why are there people who still simply don’t care?”

We shouldn’t let our planet gasp for breath and Ken Lucianin thinks that every individual needs to understand that our irresponsibility is causing harm to the environment. So, what about the future? What are we going to leave to our children and grandchildren?

There are so many questions to answer, but all of them can have one simple answer: change your approach towards nature! We should all stop doing things that will potentially harm our precious environment.

Environmental problems

There are many problems our planet is facing at the moment, such as: global warming, pollution of air, water and soil, deforestation, waste disposal, loss of biodiversity, ozone layer depletion, genetic engineering, acid rain etc. The list is long and the problems will just keep piling up if we don’t react and do something about it.

Most scientists agree that global warming is connected to the expansion of the greenhouse effect. The evidence that climate change is actually happening right now include sea-level rise, heat waves, melting glaciers, flooding etc.

Air, water and soil pollution is also something we’re facing at the moment. Air is mostly polluted by various gases and toxins released by factories and industries.

Water can dissolve more substances that any other liquid on Earth, so this makes it very vulnerable to pollution. When harmful substances such as chemicals or microorganisms contaminate water, it becomes toxic to the environment and to humans of course.

We all know that there is the over consumption of resources and creation of plastics nowadays which results in global crisis of waste disposal. It is not rare that you see waste disposed at inappropriate places. To make things worse, large amounts of garbage can be seen in the ocean. Waste disposal is one of the urgent current environmental problems.

Another issue that is extremely damaging our planet is the so called deforestation. Deforestation is the removal of a forest or stand of trees and the land is then used for something else. The land can be converted to a farm, a ranch or the trees can be used for world’s wood and paper products. This is causing a lot of damage to the millions of species living in forests. Forest is their natural habitat and now we are taking it from them. No wonder we are facing the loss of biodiversity.

Unfortunately, these are just a few environmental problems we are dealing with at the moment. But, if we want to consider any future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, let’s raise awareness about these issues in our families first and in our local community. Nothing can be achieved over night but it’s important to start doing better things for nature and stop making unnecessary mistakes.

More blog posts about nature preservation are coming, so be sure to visit Ken Lucianin’s blog.

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