Ken Lucianin has already written about water and the simple things he does to conserve it. We all know that there is no life without water. What we also know is that there is less and less clean water on our planet. How Ken values water should be a motive and a guideline for each and every one of us.

People sometimes forget how beneficial water is, especially for our body. Continue reading and find out how water can help your well-being.

Why is water important?

Water is a natural chemical and consists of H2O molecules. It accounts for 55-60 % of the body mass of an adult human and it affects our body and our health in many ways, such as:

  • regulating body temperature
  • helping your brain function
  • helping excrete waste from your body
  • digestion
  • bright skin


Thermoregulation or heath regulation is the process that allows your body to maintain a safe internal temperature. For example, if the outside temperature is too high then people sweat, and that prevents overheating. In order to maintain stable temperature of our body, it is essential that we sweat and to allow the sweat to evaporate.

If you sweat a lot, there’s a risk of dehydration if you don’t drink enough water. So, don’t forget to drink it, especially when you’re sweating a lot!

Brain function

In order to function optimally, our brain needs proper hydration. If you lose too much water, then the balance between water and other important elements in the brain is disrupted. This will lead your brain cells to lose their efficiency. Dehydration can have an impact on long and short-term memory as well as on keeping your attention focused.

Apart from getting enough sleep or doing crossword puzzles, you need to drink a lot of water to keep your mind sharp. Ken has the habit of drinking water soon after waking up; you should try it too!

Excrete waste from the body

You should know that water helps our bodies to excrete waste. So, you need water in your system so you could have healthy stool and avoid constipation. Also, your kidneys play an important role in filtering out waste through urination. For kidneys to function properly and efficiently, you have to have an adequate water intake.


Chewing is the first process of digestion which includes saliva. The basis of saliva is water and it helps us soften the food we eat. Proper digestion, which includes drinking water makes minerals and nutrients more accessible to the body.

Bright skin

Looking young isn’t only about water intake says Ken Lucianin; there are other factors too, but it’s extremely important to drink enough water for your skin to look bright and healthy.


One of the essential components of our life is water consumption. Here you saw some of the benefits it brings to our well-being. It is important to nearly every part of the human body.

In order to have an adequate intake every day, try having a bottle of water wherever you go, keep track of your intake and also try to approach half of the recommended consumption by midday. This is how Ken does it and you should try it as well!

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