Some of you told Ken Lucianin that you think fly fishing is difficult. Everything seems difficult if you don’t put some effort into it and a good fly fisher is the one who has mastered several basic abilities. In this blog post, Ken will reveal a few basic pointers every fly fisher needs to know in order to catch that great fish….then you can brag about it on Instagram.


To become a good fly fisher, you have to be able to cast. If you’re not good at casting or if you’re new to the fishing world you should find yourself a casting instructor to help you with this. It’s important that the fly line and the fly follow the rod tip. The rod tip follows the thumb which gives you power. Another thing you need to be aware of is to control your wrist. Remember, your arm is the engine and your wrist is the steering wheel.

Be silent

Ken wrote in his previous blogs about how essential it is to be as silent as possible when you go fishing. You should know that fish are as sensitive to noise and vibration as to any visual warnings. Being silent and walking lightly is an extremely important tactic.

Leader length

You’ll probably start learning how to cast with a 9’ leader. However, as your casting technique improves, you will find that certain situations require different leader length. For example, if you’re wet fly fishing from a boat, then you might need 12 to 20 feet leader sometimes. On the other hand, if you’re fishing streamers, you will need no more than 7-8 feet leader.

Fighting with your fish

When Ken Lucianin was starting his fishing journey with his father and grandfather, he thought that landing a big trout is extremely complicated. But soon after, he realized that he can do it. There will be situations when fish makes a sudden charge and snaps you off. But, it’s important that you maintain a steady arc in the fly rod, with the tip high and don’t worry!

Stay safe

If you’ve ever gone fly fishing you know what a great experience that is. However, Ken would like to remind you just to stay safe when you go fly fishing. Always wear a wide-brimmed hat and polarized sunglasses. Also, as you probably already know, avoid fly fishing in a thunderstorm or when you see lightning- it can be very dangerous. Keep in mind not to wade unnecessarily, but if you do wade, use a wader belt.

Try fly fishing

If you’ve never tried this fishing technique, now is the time! Don’t hesitate; because once you try it, you’ll love it. Ken was thought how to fly fish by his father and grandfather and then he thought his children and many of his friends. They enjoy fly fishing every time they go on a fishing trip together.

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