You know how many people don’t like rainy days, especially if they plan to spend the weekend outdoors. Well, there was a time when Ken Lucianin was one of those people. Every rainy weekend seemed to be ruining all the fun out there.

However, Ken Lucianin has changed. He thinks that rain isn’t that bad after all. Sure, there are a few not so positive aspects of rain when you go fishing, but don’t worry; Ken Lucianin has discovered more positive ones.

Negatives vs. Positives

When it’s raining, you’ll get wet- obviously. But, that isn’t such a big deal for us fishermen, right!? It’s okay, we’ll get wet, just to get that big fish!

Rain can affect and reduce visibility, but that shouldn’t be a big issue. Also, when it rains and you get wet, you can feel cold and it might be difficult to tie lines or change lures and hooks.

If you’re really into fishing, no rain can make you change your mind and stay home. It is even more challenging and fun when the weather conditions aren’t ideal. However, there is one thing you should always keep in mind- stay out of water and don’t go fishing when there is thunder and lightning around. It’s not safe!

People may not like the rain that much, but fish- they pretty much love it. During rainy days fish tend to move around their location more than they would on a clear and sunny day. You will have more active fish at that popular fishing spot you often visit and it won’t be as crowded as it is during sunny days. You’ll get more chance to catch that beautiful fish.

You don’t have to worry that much about spooking the fish when you cast your line and the bait or lure hits the water because this is more discreet when it’s raining.

Also, when it’s raining, organic matter is dispersed over greater areas and this will bring fish to the surface and they are more likely to grab the surface lures.

Clothing and gear

If you don’t have them already, buy yourself a quality jacket and a set of bibs. Make sure they are waterproof. Both, the jacket and bibs should have many pockets and quality, waterproof zippers. Don’t choose a bulky jacket because you need to be able to cast and retrieve with great mobility.

As mentioned above, fish will tend to move towards the surface, so you should have a number of surface lures. Also, you may want to consider what color your lures should be. When the weather conditions are overcast and low light you should go for darker colors because they will create a clearer image for the fish.

If the water is muddy in color, the fluorescent lures will work, but you should also choose the ones that have great vibration in order to attract the fish.

Due to visibility issues when fishing in rainy weather, consider having fluorescent fishing rod glow clip on light sticks and glow in the dark floats.

You see, fishing in the rain isn’t bad at all. Prepare yourself and you’ll definitely brag about catching that trophy fish.

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