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Anything you try to do for the first time can be a bit intimidating, especially if you have no one you can ask for advice. Luckily for you, you have Ken Lucianin. If you’re a first time angler, Ken Lucianin is here to give you a few pieces of advice about fishing gear you may want to be using.

Ken Lucianin, an experienced fisherman, will help you not to feel confused when you enter a big retail store. With his pieces of advice you’ll know exactly what to look for when it comes to fishing gear.

Rod & Reel

As with most other hobbies, choosing gear can be a complex task. However, if you’re new to fishing, the advice is to keep it simple. There are different kinds of rods and reels for every fishing style, but what you want to look for is a rod and reel combination that you can use for bait fishing as well as for lure fishing.

In order to catch many different species of fish in rivers and lakes you should use medium action rod rated for 8 lb. to 20 lb. line. Also, start with open face reels or spinning reels if you’re a beginner and later you can try using bait casting reels.


There are different types of fishing line, such as: braided lines, fluorocarbon and monofilament lines. If you want to keep it simple then use monofilament line  which is buoyant and will stretch. Also, make sure you learn tying a few knots. Try with uni, clinch and palomar knot.


You will need: hooks, weights and floats. Remember to use hooks that are not snelled. And when it comes to weights, you should purchase easy to install basic split shot weights.

Every angler started fishing with a float, so you should too, because it helps keep the bait off the bottom of the lake and it indicates when a fish is eating the bait.

Live bait

You have to love live bait, right? One of the best, most effective live baits is the night crawler. Every freshwater fish will eat it. Also, live shiners can be used if you wish to catch predatory fish like bass.


When you decide it’s time to start experimenting with lures, be sure to check these out: Spinner baits- use them when water visibility is lower. It has a spinning blade that causes vibrations so it’s easier for fish to locate the bait.

Top water baits- use whopper plopper when you see fish feeding on the surface. You cast it out, when it hits the surface wait until water calms down and then start reeling.

Sonar device

How cool it is to see underwater! Use sonar devices- wireless, castable fish finders. They are great and they help you see underwater and know whether certain fish are there.

Good bag

Be sure to have a good bag for all the gear you have. It’s important to be organized and mobile because sometimes you will need to change your fishing spots.

These are a few tips for all of you who are just starting your fishing adventure. Don’t be disappointed if you’re not successful at the beginning. The key to success is being persistent!

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