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According to Ken Lucianin, embarking into fatherhood was the most beautiful thing that
happened to him. No one needed to tell Ken Lucianin how his life would change once he
becomes a father. However, he listened patiently to everyone telling him that he should say
goodbye to his social life or that he should get enough of sleep before the baby arrives- “yes,
please, let me stockpile my sleep in order to use it later”. If that could only be possible!

Of course, there is certain truth in every piece of advice you get but Ken Lucianin says there is a bright side to all the changes you go through when you’re a dad.

You shouldn’t give up on your “me” time when you have a child or children. Don’t think it’s
selfish to spend some time on your own or doing something you like with your friends. You
will have to be creative to get this time back in your life but it’s not impossible.

Being a father is a responsibility you have never had before. It’s all right to sometimes feel
scared or to question your ability to take care of a child. You aren’t the only one who feels
that way from time to time. However, it’s your responsibility to do everything in your power
to take good care of your family.

You should always be there for your wife and help her with your child. You can’t breastfeed,
sure, but, you can be there when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night or read a
bedtime story or scare the ghosts away.

Most of us aren’t millionaires so it seems justified to feel like there’s never enough money to
take care of your child’s needs. Don’t worry, make a plan and stick to your weekly budget.

All the changes you face when you’re a father are nothing compared to the amount of joy andnhappiness and love you feel when you just look at your child, no matter how old the child is. The “sleeping” or actually “not sleeping” aspect isn’t that bad. When your baby’s cry wakes you up in the middle of the night and you hold him/her in your arms, you forget about
everything. Everyone’s been through that, and they’re doing just fine.

Great part of being a father is that you can be a kid again, enjoy simple pleasures that you
probably had long forgotten: sing songs you used to like when you were a kid, watch cartoons or play with toys. Can it get any better!

You should always strive to be a good example to your children. You, as a dad, show love,
patience, compassion and not only with your family but with everyone. It doesn’t mean you
have to be perfect, no one can. We are all affected by the life stresses and tensions but just
take a deep breath and think before you act.

Being a dad is a dedicated, lifelong and the best responsibility you can have in your life.

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